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Always a challenge

Feline-centric humor is both the easiest thing in the world and the biggest challenge to work with.  Watching both of my cats in action, I get a lot of inspiration from them, amused and mystified by their behaviour.   Likewise, it seems my own unique brand of humor puzzles some people, which is fine.  Not everyone gets a joke; my humor can be just as mysterious as a feline's actions and I'll find humor in the damnedest places. 

Spellbound and Senseless started off as a few quirky little strips with no real story to them...but all of that is about to change.  I've recently uncovered a potential storyline.  All sorts of stuff can happen now, the good, the bad and the funny.  Settings will be changing, and new characters will show up...but not just yet...

Cat comics

Why did I go with cats for my first webcomic?  I guess it's because I'm owned by a pair...one in fact is mostly black (she has three little white spots on her underside).  Apart, they were so-so, but bringing them together was the creation of a comedy team...a sort of Laurel and Hardy in fur, much like Sabine and Sparkles.

I suppose I should mention my characters...

Sabine is of course the straight man...er....cat.  She's older, wiser and far more likely to express herself in a rather refined manner.  A purebred Turkish Angora, she's been with Wanda long enough to learn how to survive with a forgetful witch.  Her charm lies in blunt honesty and her elegant looks. 

Sparkles is a typical "free to good home" kitten and has an endlessly curious nature.  Unfortunately for her, the wheel's turning but the hampster's dead.  Her constantcy is to find trouble in whatever form that happens to strike at the moment, whether it's getting into magicly powered catnip or getting into Wanda's knitting supplies.  Sabine regards Sparkles more as a nuisence but eventually comes to accept her.

Wanda the Witch has fogotten everything she knows about being a witch and often mistakes magical items for mundane, much to the dismay of her cats.


I've got more characters in the works for the strip, hopefully they'll help build this little world and make it something really special.

Road to Insanityville

I'll admit, I'm rather new to the comic biz...only been working on comic related projects for over a year now.   While my strongest suit is as a writer, I figure if I don't use my artistic ability I'll never see it become what it could be.  

Spellbound and Senseless is actually a fairly recent concept that came to me.  Being a fan of Garfield for thirty years, the real challenge was to create characters that anyone could identify with, so I leaned hard towards reality and picked two different body types.  Sabine would become a Turkish Angora, and I kept a lot of t he breed traits with her, including copper/orange eyes, although technically she is the combination of two cats; a cat I had in the first year of my marriage (appearance) and our current oldest cat (attitude).  I suppose you could call her my "straight cat". 

Sparkles is essentially one of those "free to a good home" kittens, which I based off of my own "free to a good home" kitten.  And like any kitten, she's going to be the source of all kinds of interesting trouble.


and speaking of trouble, I'm going to be risking it in the future, cause there's cat based humor already out there that I'm planning on taking a few pot-shots at...bwaaahahaha!


Also; look forward to some of my other comics!  Currently in the works; Gamer Girl and the Dice of Fate (from the number of gaming related comics I've seen here, I may be in good company!)  Crumbshoe Detective a 1940's style noir thriller....cast with anthropomorphic sweets.  The Dracos, dragons and half-dragons in a modern world fighting for survival.  Whisper in the Gears, a Steampunk monster fantasy. 

That said, I'm sure everyone can agree posting a strip a week when you've got that much to work on isn't a bad idea.

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